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Honeymoon Safari


Let us be your travel companion in Africa and you surely won’t be disappointed.

Our template itineraries are carefully planned to ensure a maximum comfort combined with the excitement and the adventurous spirit of the African continent. You can choose from a wide selection of tours, expeditions and packages, from the exciting true-to-nature camping trips and trekking tours to the most luxurious safaris and holiday packages on the beaches of Zanzibar Islands.

Our itineraries are flexible, so each of our suggested tours and travels can always be adapted and customized according to your budget and preferences. We can plan a tour or a trip with our knowledge and experiences, but we will always do everything to fulfill all your requests and demands regarding the dates, accommodation, pace of the itinerary, the destinations you would like to see and all other wishes you have.

Our guide to the best of romantic Tanzania and Zanzibar

There is no doubt that, when you talk to most people, the subject of safari occurs most often when thinking about a honeymoon. Due to the increased costs involved, as well as the time that it takes to fly around Tanzania, it makes sense that almost 60% of visitors that come are on a luxury Tanzania honeymoon package. With this in mind, and given our experience with Tanzania and Zanzibar honeymoons, we have put together a bit of a check list as well as a few thoughts as to where it is best to take into consideration.

The little extras!

Please also note that, having been putting together luxury Tanzania and Zanzibar honeymoon, we have a wealth of experience in making your honeymoon of a lifetime as exceptional as possible. We have preferred rooms in every hotel for our clients, as well as a few little extras on the route to make things just that bit more memorable! The best way for us to get your ideal luxury Tanzania and Zanzibar honeymoon is to have a chat or come in for a presentation!

Tanzania Honeymoon List

Many of our Tanzania honeymoon clients would like their Tanzania safari to be as special as they can possibly make it. Along with carefully sitting down and working out the perfect honeymoon itinerary for our clients, the subject of budget does come to the fore…and we would like to help! Recently we started to work with a specialist honeymoon list company called “Buy Our Honeymoon“. Unlike many of the honeymoon list companies out there, they work on a single payment process where you pay a one off set up fee of around £30 (discounted for our clients), you can have your own PayPal account for your guests to pay directly in to, and you will also have a fully functioning web page that guests can go to and see your itinerary along with buying any of the options through the site. For further information on this please ask your consultant.

Luxury Tanzania Honeymoon Itineraries

Below we have selected a few of our most popular Tanzania honeymoon packages at a range of prices to get you started! Just click on the name to see the itinerary in full. Short and Sharp! – a 5-night package to the central or southern Serengeti and Zanzibar. Ideal any time from November to June. Read more Great safari, great beach – the least expensive Tanzania safari package we offer with a few nights on safari and straight to the beach. Read more Northern Tanzania safari from June to November – the best priced safari trip to the northern parks in the period. Read more Best of Southern Tanzania – our ultimate trip to the southern parks offering great value and superb game viewing. Read more We strongly recommend the best starting point is a quick chat on the phone at some point so we can really get started in putting together your ideal trip! Give us a call or send us an email to get the ball rolling!

Where to go?
  • Lake Manyara Safaris

A small but interesting park in the Rift Valley…

  • Lake Manyara National Park

Again, one of the staple attractions on the northern “circuit”, Lake Manyara National Park adds something different again to the mix. Where the Serengeti is known for its huge skies and wildebeest, and the Ngorongoro is known for the views, Lake Manyara is a superb example of what the Rift valley has to offer. This is a park that sits at the bottom of the 600m high escarpment that is part of a tectonic crack that marks the entirety of East Africa, from Ethiopia to Malawi.

This is not, however, the only reason to come to this superb little park. With the soda lake itself running along its eastern edge, the park is a thin concentration of game and is the home for some of Africa’s most famous lion that have learnt how to climb the trees for a little rest and relaxation! Along with good elephant and some of Africa’s smaller breeds of antelope (such as the klipspringer) and some of the best raptor populations on the eastern side of the continent, this is truly a worthwhile destination to include.

What has really helped the diversity of the wildlife in the park, and also adds to the interest, is that it combines a range of terrains. In the very north it features some large hard and softwood forests with towering figs and mahoganies giving cool shade and cover for game. As you move down into the park you then come across the start of the lake itself and the marshland area that is a favorite of Cape buffalo and wandering elephant. From here the park becomes more desolate with hardy olive trees and boulders that have rolled off from the escarpment above. Overall, while this park may not be as well-known as some of the others in the north, it really does pack a punch and will give those looking for a few alternative animals to those that are most famous a great option.

  • Ngorongoro Crater Safaris

One of the natural wonders of the world, with some of the best game viewing

  • Ngorongoro Crater Lodge – View

Lying to the east of the plains of the Serengeti, the Ngorongoro Crater is arguably one of the locations to see in Africa, providing a unique opportunity to see world class game viewing in a spectacular setting. At approximately 19kms in diameter and around 600 meters in depth, the crater itself is the world’s largest, intact caldera. On top of this, it has resident game year-round and some of Africa’s largest elephant.

On average most who visit the northern parks of Tanzania will spend at least a couple of nights on or by the Ngorongoro Crater, and for good reason. Originally estimated at around the same height as the nearby Kilimanjaro (approx. 5,800m), the volcano is thought to have blown its top around 2 million years ago, with much of the debris landing on the Ndutu Plains in the south of the Serengeti (which is part of the reason that this area of the Serengeti is favoured by the wildebeest for calving due to the rich mineral content of the grasses here).

Today, the volcano is a Mecca for those looking to witness a whole host of animals and to take in “that” view. The crater floor itself, with its flat expanse and fertile soil, has become the year-round home for many of Africa’s largest animals such as the black rhino, black maned lion (the blacker the mane the older and more virile the lion) and the continent’s densest population of spotted hyena….to name but a few.

Often, when visiting the area, which is good in any season, the main decision that needs to be made is whether to stay in one of the larger hotels on the rim of the crater itself, or in one of the smaller and more personal hotels that lie on the slopes of the volcano.

  • Serengeti Safaris

Without doubt one of nature’s most incredible spectacles…

  • Serengeti National Park

Arguably the most famous destination for safari in Africa, the vast, open plains of the Serengeti epitomise, for many, what Africa is all about. In the Serengeti National Park, the grasslands are roamed by millions of wildebeest, zebra and others, while being stalked by some of the continent’s fiercest predators; the mighty lion, the leopard, the cheetah, to name a few. To experience a Serengeti safari and witness the daily fight for survival is like nothing else in the world, where life seems so precious and yet so cheap…welcome to the Serengeti!

This stunning eco-system, part of the Mara/Serengeti grassland plains, has long been held by Africa-philes as a must-see destination on safari, in part for the diversity and number of animals, but also for the uniqueness of this environment which, while often thought of as the norm in Africa, is actually quite rare.

  • Serengeti safaris – lay of the land

Loosely speaking, the southern plains of the Serengeti, around the Ndutu Plains, and the northern plains of the Lamai Wedge and into the Masai Mara, Kenya, are the two main feeding grounds for the wildebeest herds, and they oscillate between the two on a yearly basis. In between these two open plains is a series of small ravines, rivers and bush/scrubland. This area of the Serengeti is a predators’ delight with plenty of places to lay in wait for the unsuspecting calves as they begin their own safari, moving north and south.

Serengeti safaris – when to go?

The movements of the wildebeest herds in the Serengeti are triggered by the annual rains that arrive into Tanzania in November and April and May every year. This movement is critical to their survival and is also a highly important part of planning a Serengeti safari. Below we have illustrated the general times of year to consider.

Serengeti safaris – where to stay

A Serengeti safari is often compared to the nearby Masai Mara National Park, but it is in fact almost 8 times the size, and thus, can offer a safari experience that is a little less crowded and a lot more personal. With this in mind we have selected a few of the best lodges to consider in the different areas of the Serengeti as the Migration herds are moving through. Please expand each of the areas below to have a full run down.

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